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Constant Foreigner is for those who live, work, travel, study, serve, and volunteer cross-culturally.


When people live and work in a new culture they adopt mannerisms and values of their hosts. Sometimes these individuals no longer feel fully a part of their home cultures, and yet will always be somewhat apart from their host cultures. Neither a full member of one or the other Constant Foreigner is a place to belong…a place to share your story and learn from others.


Stories have the power to create a sense of community, of belonging, and this site shares the stories of individuals who travel, live, study, work, serve, and volunteer cross-culturally. This includes international and national experiences. By hearing stories of sojourners and those of their supporters, hopefully we will gain an understanding of the experience from a variety of points of view.


Visit our Sojourners and Supporters page to hear stories from individuals like you – folks who have experience transitioning from one culture to another, and others who have the experience secondhand, through their friend or loved one.


Visit our Research and Resources pages to learn more about cross-cultural transition – what makes it difficult, how you can prepare, and strategies for coping. Teachers and trainers, Constant Foreigner has condensed the research models into easy-to-understand formats with downloadable PDF and PowerPoint files you can use.


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