Culture Shock is Like a Sinking Ship

5 Jun

Culture Shock is Like a Sinking Ship

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Edward T. Hall's Cultural Iceberg Model

In 1976 Edward T. Hall developed the Cultural Iceberg to explain we interact with and learn about a new culture.


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The reason we struggle to adapt to a new culture is that the values, beliefs, and thought patterns – the foundations of behavior – are hidden beneath the surface. When we first enter a new country all we see are the strange behaviors and actions that are different from how we behave and act. The longer we stay, the more we interact with locals, and the more we immerse ourselves in their culture the more we learn about the underlying foundation.


It’s important to note that one person may live in a new culture for months and not “sink” as far below the surface, while another person could “sink” quickly in a matter of weeks. The difference is in your exposure to the local culture, your desire to understand it, and your ability to adapt.


Click here to view the full interactive presentation.

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